Public Invitation to Banks and Other Financial Institutions

1. Banks and other financial institutions that approve home loans are invited to have them insured by the National Mortgage Insurance Corporation (hereinafter called: the National Corporation). In three days, following the date of the application form, the National Corporation will provide the applicant with the Agreement on Regulating Mutual Relationships at Mortgage Default Insurance and with the related documentation.

2. The aforesaid application form should contain the following details:

  • business name and location address, number of the certificate issued by the competent registration authority, reference number of the NBS certificate on issuing business license, company ID, description of business activities complying with the  Law on Banks and Other Financial Institutions, organisation and organisational chart with listed units, their status and capacity in legal operations;
  • brief information on business policy and development strategy, including the details on anticipated funding of home loans, loan structure by loan terms, interest rate policy, commissions and fees and other requirements that are taken into consideration in the process of loan approval.

3. When applying, the bank/financial institution should enclose documentation that presents its business and organisation, and particularly the following:

  • the articles of incorporation and the by-law;
  • proof of the court of registry of bank/financial institution’s registration in the court register, with attachments included;
  • copy of NBS decision to issue business license;
  • the latest reclassified annual and interim balance sheet and income statement;
  • auditor’s report after the last statement of accounts;
  • the latest report submitted to the National Bank of Serbia on compliance of business operations with the provisions of the Law on Banks and Other Financial Institutions;
  • details on individuals with particular authorisations and charges.

4. When deciding on whether the bank/financial institution meet the requirements set by the National Corporation for entering the agreement on mortgage default insurance, the Managing Board of the National Corporation will take into consideration all the details given in the application form, the enclosed documentation and the following in particular:

  • volume and structure of the bank’s/financial institution’s funds to be approved for home loans with specified amounts and terms;
  • interest rates, commissions and requirements for home loans approval;
  • collectability of due home loans.

Please, send your application form to: 

National Mortgage Insurance Corporation

11000 Beograd, Kneza Miloša 20

For further information do not hesitate to contact us either by phone (011/ 38- 17- 900) or by e-mail (